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Wedding, Life style, Portrait & Nursery Photography…


We are a Husband & Wife team passionate and enthusiastic about all our photography.

Whether it’s a beautiful bespoke wedding, a fun life Style shoot in the local park, or a family portrait in the studio, we pride ourselves in capturing the “Essence” of the day and the  images you deserve from a professional photographer.

This is demonstrated by our Professional Licentiateship from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).

Not only do we capture those precious memories, we also provide only the highest quality Wedding Albums, Story Books & Wall Art such as framed images and canvases. All tailored to your individual requirements.

We are based in Fradley, Nr Lichfield  serving  Stafford, Tamworth, Burton, Birmingham and most of the West Midlands.

Recent news...

Spring / Summer Family life style shoots.

Martin Davies Photography 071
Spring is nearly here - bookings have started to come in for our Spring/ Summer life style shoots. The booking we received today is on location with a Large family, two lovely horses & their dogs – can’t wait!

Read more »